Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Facial Recognition and Social media... an interesting experiment

I happened to read an interesting article on the website PCWorld. In today's world of social media, mobile technology, gadgets, sophisticated cameras etc., do we really think we have enough privacy from various spying eyes ? If you think the answer is YES, then you really are not yet in this digital world. 

Today, it has become very common to search someone on Facebook or Twitter to gather more details about them. This experiment on Face Recognition was conducted by a Russian Art School student. It surely makes one think on how social media stays connected to us. 

The experiment title itself is "YOUR FACE IS BIG DATA". The experimenter did a search of about 100 random people on a social networking website and was able to find 60-70% of them between age 18 to 35. For these recognised "Faces", the experimenter was then able to find more details on the social media website.

You may refer to the entire article on the below mentioned URL: