Thursday, 30 June 2016

Robotics... soon to be a part of our lives

The very mention of the word Robot reminds us of the hi-fi machines that we have seen in numerous Hollywood movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, AI, Terminator etc. That a robot can be a small device assisting one in their household tasks is something that most people will not believe at all. One always imagines a robot to be a man-like looking machine that acts and does tasks just like a human.

Today, knowingly or unknowingly the field of robotics has reached the house of every common man. The automatic vacuum cleaners, floor washers, automatic irons all are examples of small robots in our homes. Though they are not very commonly seen in India yet, it’s just a matter of few years when they will become very routinely used.

I came across an awesome video of a robot doing household chores, same is given below. Lot of exciting things await us in this Robotics for sure.