Wednesday, 27 July 2016

NEWSCAST PRATYAKSHA - A comprehensive news website and much more

In today’s world, where it is difficult to find any good news media which publishes an unbiased version of the news, Newscast-Pratyaksha comes as a refreshing change. It publishes very comprehensive news from India as well as significant geo-political happenings from around the world.

English Newscast-Pratyaksha
English Newscast-Pratyaksha

One important highlight is a section dedicated to news related to the Third World War, which is very significant in the times we live; for many a political leaders have stated that this World War is already underway.

Newscast-Pratyaksha also categorises news based on the political location  (such as Indian Subcontinent, North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific & Australasia, Middle East, Central Asia & Russia).

Hindi Newscast-Pratyaksha

While this English website concentrates mostly on news articles, the Hindi version goes a step further. In addition to news, the Hindi site also includes series of articles on various Inventors(many of whose names weren’t heard of by us, but their contribution nonetheless very vital), Netaji Subhashchandra Bose, Dr. NikolaTesla, Information Technology articles, articles on locations around India, Shri Saisacharita and a history of Rashtriya Seva Sangh(RSS)

This website truly is very welcoming and should surely be bookmarked by all those who are truly interested in being aware of the vital happenings in the world and a thorough analysis of it.

Newcast Pratyaksha - International News

Newscast Pratyaksha - Russia section

Newscast Pratyaksha - Dr Nikola Tesla

Newscast Pratyaksha - Inventions & Inventors